7 Reasons why you should visit Manasi Bungalow


It is quite a common fad now to just throw a couple of things in a bag and leave our noisy and everyday rut for some moments of peace. With the pace at which our lives move, things seem to get to us quicker and who doesn’t need those little luxurious breaks of cutting off?

We went to Manasi Bungalow in Lonavala on a whim to give our minds some rest from work and to just spend some quality time with each other. The space provided exactly what we needed; a comfortable house, fresh air, and a relaxed time.

Here are 7 reasons as to why you need to visit Manasi Bungalow, Lonavala:

#1 Close to Mumbai
For those looking for a quick getaway from the city but cannot afford too much time off to go too far, Lonavala’s the perfect distance to escape to. Manasi Bungalow is situated right off the highway, easily accessible without venturing your way in to the hustling and busy Lonavala market.


#2 Aptly sized for any kind of scene
This cozy little bungalow paints a good picture for any kind gathering you would want; it provides ample space for a large group of people wanting to spend a weekend away, nor is it too large to have an intimate set of friends just spending some quality time. The rooms are large and airy with high ceilings along with a comfortably furnished hall.

#3 Its not too far from the Dhabas
Now if you have gone all the way to Lonavala, you might as well indulge in that kind of dhaba food that makes mouths water. Located not even 5-10 minutes away from some scrumptious dhabas, staying here and wanting to step out for a quick meal doesn’t even become inconvenient.

#4 Lawn space
The bungalow opens out to a porch that faces a beautifully gardened lawn. With such space available, you will get down to some kind of outdoor activity, be it a quick game of football or badminton during the day or simply just laying back to watch the night sky. It also serves as a plus point if you’ve taken furry four-legged friends along, who are welcome here (HUGE brownie point to be noted.)

Spacious lawn

#5 Plenty amenities
What makes Manasi Bungalow a really convenient getaway is the minimum amount of stress involved in making the trip fun and worthwhile. There’s no hassle about carrying your own speakers or board games, etc. It is all provided right there at the bungalow, which has a good sound system, board games and even a book corner for the readers, making it a fun and light trip. You need not carry linen for yourself and you can ask the in-house chef to cook you your meals or even order in from restaurants around the area.

Breakfast cooked by the in-house chef

#6 The Backyard
The other end of the hall opens into a verandah and a backyard. Lit up prettily at night with fairy lights, one can have a bonfire here too. There are seats and a granite counter, which can serve as a bar if you decide to have a party here. Enjoy the comforts of an open backyard this home has to offer which even a swanky apartment in the city wont be able to compensate for.

#7 Warm Hospitality
Greeted warmly by the ever efficient staff, you are ensured a good time by the smiling Jayanti. They offer suggestions as to where you can eat from, bring you vendors with the best deals and you can buy other goodies in-house as well. They also cook up a fantastic Gujarati thaali, which becomes one grand meal (there’s a spicy red chilly chutney which I think I will need to go back for) So yes, you are well looked after at this little bungalow and that’s for sure.

Gujarati Thali

For any enquires/to book this space for your weekend getaway, write to manasibungalow12@gmail.com or  call them at 09820068611. You can even find them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Written by : Sama Ankolkar | Pictures : Nimisha Khanna


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