#Designer : RIRAAN

Riraan, a label started by Rikita and Ratna offers clothing that is a blend of contemporary and traditional. The duo came together after discovering their passion lies in designing and started doing what they do immediately after. They say their target audience is “anyone who is in to experiment and try different things but with a traditional twist”. They’re known for their embroidered pants, capes and their range of tunics.

In this post, I take you through their Royal Funk collection which is ideal to wear to that Diwali party, your friend’s sangeet or anything festive really! Best time of the year to wear these? YEP YEP!

(Psst. The last look is my personal favorite!)

9H2A9738 1

9H2A9754 1

9H2A9768 1


9H2A9805 1

9H2A9832 19H2A9807





If you love what you see, you can contact them on contact.riraan@gmail.com to place your orders! Also, follow them on Instagram (@riraancouture) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/riraancouture)

Have a super duper Diwali you guys! And stay tuned for the next post 🙂

Photography : Riya Panjabi (@riidawg) | Make Up & Hair : Stacy Gomes (@stacygomes)


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