Miss Flurrty is a bold and chic accessories brand that brings you exquisite jewelry right from the Big Apple. Since they directly collaborate with suppliers in New York, the prices of their products are super affordable. Every piece makes a statement right from their rings, earrings to body chains and neckpieces.

In this post, I take you through some Miss Flurrty pieces I styled. I prefer gold jewelry (not actual gold, yikes!)  over silver jewelry but I styled both kinds in this one.

#1 Love every item of jewelry in this picture. Those are two neckpieces that I’ve paired together but they stand out well individually too. You can pair both if you are aiming for a more glam look. The smaller neckpiece could be paired with a simple white shirt or something basic since it’s so delicate whereas the other one can be worn with an all black outfit that you would wear to a party with the girls! The cuff is versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything – I know because I’ve tried. LOVE IT!


Outfit Details : Top, Bandeau, Shorts, Boots – Forever 21 | Accessories – Miss Flurrty

#2 So like I said, I don’t wear much silver jewelry but I totally love these from their collection, especially the earrings! They are super cool and are bound to catch the eye. It’s a set of two so if you have a double piercing – double win! This outfit is ideal for that chiller Sunday at your favorite bar, jamming to some of your favorite tracks.



Outfit Details – High Slit Top, Shorts, Boots – Forever 21 | Accessories – Miss Flurrty

The Miss Flurrty girl, according to me, is the girl who’s ambitious and strong – who isn’t afraid to take risks and is definitely the center of attention wherever she goes. You purchase all the products you have viewed in this post on their website.

Website : www.missflurrty.com | Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/MissFlurrty |


Photography : Divina Rikhye

Make up & Hair : Stacy Gomes

Art Direction : Riya Panjabi


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