#BrandFeature : Pajama Party feat. Enamor

Written by : Nimisha Khanna

You’re never too old to have a pajama party with your girlfriends. In today’s day and age of busy schedules and hectic weekdays, a girl needs to spend time with her friends to just unwind, relax and have a good time! Popcorn, a bottle of champagne, a bunch of magazines and your favorite chick flicks sums up the ideal slumber party to me.

Enamor is known for their ideal fit, comfy feel and the ability to make every woman look “fabulously fashionable”. My girls Sama and Shyamoli and I wore Enamor at our last pajama party and well, I agree with every single word. The three of us have very different body types and every outfit fit flawlessly and at the same time gave us the freedom to prance about thanks to the comfort. The colors stand out but are also subtle which makes mixing and matching so much easier. I totally recommend you add these to your wardrobe – they are called ‘Essentials’ for a reason! And hold up, that’s not the best part. You can even wake up the next morning and practice those insanely complicated Yoga Asanas you have been trying to do for years in these. Not kidding.

Here’s a snippet of our night –

Sama wears a pink racer back and grey yoga capris – sporty, chic and uber comfy. Definite wardrobe essentials!

And the award for the best popcorn eater goes to..

Shyamoli wears a turquoise long tee with blue yoga pants – the perfect kind of outfit to wear on a Sunday when all you want to do is watch TV and laze on your couch.

Champagne and Ice-cream are your BFFs.

I wear a navy blue cami and black shorts. The cami can be worn as an inner as well and the shorts can be paired with a t-shirt or any top really. Closet requisites indeed.

Magazine nerd.

Oh, and then there were the usual shenanigans..

See what we did there?
Mix and Match
Because what are sleepovers without a little bit of this?
Obviously wasn’t convinced with their hair straightening skills.

To check out more of Enamor’s Essentials collection and purchase them, click on this link – http://www.enamor.co.in/nightwear/essentials/.

And don’t forget to be ESSENTIALLY YOU.

Websitehttp://www.enamor.co.in/ | Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/EnamorIndia | Twitterhttps://twitter.com/EnamorIndia | Instagramhttps://instagram.com/enamorindia/

Photo Credit : Riya Panjabi (@riidawg)

Location Courtesy : Jahnavi Goel’s (@jsbouquets) bedroom


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