#BrandCollaboration : Khadijeh featuring The Styledge

Written by : Nimisha Khanna

This blog post is special. Why you ask? Because I have collaborated with someone I personally feel has a great sense of style and defines chic to the fullest. Santoshi Shetty (The Styledge) and I came together to promote a one of a kind collection. Designer Afzaa Mir introduced the world to Khadijeh two years ago and boy, are we grateful! Every piece of hers has a personality of its own and this differs from garment to garment.  I’d classify most of her outfits as boho with a tinge of class and a dash of elegance.

Khadijeh offers you a wide range of kurtas, shararas, maxi dresses amongst others. My personal favorites are their long mul dresses (scroll down to see them!).  If you’re a wanderer and you characterize yourself as an easy going person, you will instantly connect with these designs.  The best part about Afzaa’s collection though, is how timeless they are. You could be any age and still look spectacular in a Khadijeh number.  Local Ladki & The Styledge absolutely love and totally recommend you give them a look!

I. Graceful, sophisticated and elegant perfectly describe these mul dresses. Style it with a great pair of earrings and tie your hair up in a bun or leave it loose on one side to achieve a look that compliments the dress.





II. This look was particularly fun to shoot! Look at it. Anything that involves sneakers is FUN! For the less quirky lot of you, style this boho dress with a pair of loose palazzo pants and add a stunning statement neckpiece and you will look lovely (Not that you don’t already!)


COLLAB feat Santoshi



III. We decided to do different looks for our last shot. Santoshi is wearing a beautiful yellow dress which will be ideal to wear to a brunch party or cocktail with friends and I am wearing a kurta with sharara pants because.. Who wears sharara pants these days? Bring them back! Maang tikkas/head chains will look super cool on both these outfits so give them a try!





“Khadijeh is me.
It’s not just a silhouette, it’s my shield.
It’s not just stitches holding fabric together but strings holding precious pieces of me.
It is imperfect but natural,
Modest yet endearing,
Delicate yet engaging.
It wasn’t chemically altered to fit a certain notion,
But handwoven, to achieve an enigma that is purely me.
And now I want it to be you.
I want it to drape all of your raw beauty and imperfections and wear them on like your shield, ready to conquer the world.
Khadijeh is crafted for you. For all of you.
For beauty comes in all forms, in all shapes and sizes.
Say Hello to clothing that doesn’t just claim to be comfortable, but is entirely built around it.
P.S : You sure as hell don’t need to alter yourself to fit into a Khadijeh! We can do that for you 🙂
All you gotta do is be the usual, fabulous you.”

If you liked the stuff you saw, you can contact Afzaa on 9223572735 or email her at afzaa.mir@gmail.com. Khadijeh is also available at Sade in Pune,  The Bombay Attic and The Verandah in Bangalore and Amethyst in Chennai.

Hope you liked this blog post. To more collaborations with the wonderful Santoshi!

Santoshi’s blog links :

Website : http://www.thestyledge.com/ | Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thestyledge | Instagram : https://instagram.com/santushi_thestyledge/

Photo Credit :

Vikas Lokhande

*For brand collaborations, you can mail me at localladki@outlook.com*


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