7 Upcoming Brands/Designers You NEED to Check Out

Written by : Nimisha Khanna

2014 showed Local Ladki just how creative and unique people can get. Visiting flea markets like Lil Flea and Kitsch Mandi have opened my eyes to the creativity these young entrepreneurs/designers possess. From re-innovating kohlapuri chappals to transforming your doodle art on clothes, these guys are buzzing with originality and modernism.

Here’s a list of 7 brands Local Ladki recommends you check out for their off-beat, cool and vibrant collection :

  1. Doodle Inc is flamboyant and colorful with its captivating prints and patterns. An optimal mix of art and fashion, this brand looks good on anyone – young or old. So if you enjoy a bit of quirk and madness while staying simple and stylish, this is your go to brand. Check them out : www.doodleinc.in
Doodle Inc
Doodle Inc.
  1. Onu Oru specializes in distinguishing sarees and apparel for the wandering soul. Their carefree clothing is a must-have for any free spirited person and also exudes a whole lot of style. Check them out :www.onuoru.com
Onu Oru
Onu Oru
  1. Gentleman’s Community has everything to  offer to meet your sartorial inspirations. From  watches, bracelets, shoes, bags and some pretty  epic frames, this is a go-to for every stylish  man. Check them out : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gentlemans-Community/1468383430063239
Gentleman’s Community
  1. Chappers India is a footwear brand which offers you the traditional Indian kohlapuri sandals with a modern twist. These beautiful sandals are hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen and are available in all kinds of colors and styles. And that’s not it – these babies are uber comfortable while adding the “royal touch” to your look. Check them out : https://www.facebook.com/chappersindia?fref=ts
Chappers India
  1. Hair accessories are in vogue and one brand  that has some great stuff to offer is Tressesory.  All the products are hand-crafted and are  designed to meet your specific needs. So  whether it is a hair band or a head chain or a  clip-on extension – you know where to  go! Check them out :  https://www.facebook.com/Tressesory
  1. Ink Weave is a Bangalore based brand which mixes illustrations with designers and adds a whole lot of pop to your wardrobe. Their latest collaboration was The Lokal South collection with designer Darshna. It is unconventional, it is bold and absolutely chic. Wear one of their creations and you’re bound to be the attention-grabber wherever you go. Check them out : https://www.facebook.com/inkweave
Ink Weave
  1. The Traveller’s Trove offers you a variety of accessories from earrings, rings, chains, collars, bracelets, anklets to hair accessories! An interesting fact about this particular brand is that their collection is selected from around the globe, thereby staying true to its name.Check them out : https://www.facebook.com/thetravellerstrove
The Traveller’s Trove

So avoid going to the mall and those cliche boutiques every body goes to and take a look at these brands and embrace the freshness they bring in.


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